Free Blood Health Camp At CDCL

A Free blood health camp was organized in our CDCL for all the students and staff to spread awareness about health check-up and maintaining a healthy life. The program started at 9 a.m. we were all asked to make a line and get our height and weight checked to calculate BMI (body mass index) which explains whether the person is unhealthy or not. By 1 pm every student with staff got themselves checked for BMI, blood report and other health conditions if any. Our class had the maximum number of healthy kids and thus we were appreciated by the doctors and staff of CDCL as well. We all were happy to know about so many things which we can learn from doctors. I hope our company organizes these types of campaigns each year for a healthy student count and less absentees. The program ended with an overall report by the doctors about health of students and staff which said we all were healthy and can improve. I thank all the doctors and nurses for their time and consideration for our organization.