Top 10 States for Skill Development

This article focuses on top 10 States for Skill Development in terms of maximum incremental human resource requirement between the years 2012 and 2022.Interesting facts and link to State Skill Development Missions SSDM also included.

Maharashtra : Maharashtra is the biggest state economy in India.
GDP contribution: It contributes 14.42% to the total GDP of India.
Population: With a population of more than 114.2 million people, Maharashtra is the second most populous state.
Agriculture and Industry: The state is a pioneer in small scale industries. Agriculture and industries including service sector are the major contributors to the growth of the state. Maharashtra is known for its industries like media and entertainment, cotton textiles, metallurgy, chemicals, electrical, transport, and machinery.
Incremental human resource requirement: Maharashtra will witness an increase in human resources requirement of 15.52 million during 2012 – 22.
State Skill Development Mission: Maharashtra State Skill Development Society
Tamil Nadu : Tamil Nadu is known for almost 100% ‘Gross Enrollment Ratio’ in primary education, making it the most literate state
GDP contribution: It is the most economically free state. Being the third largest state contributor in GDP, it puts in 8.16% of the total GDP.
Population: Tamil Nadu has a population of 72.14 million people with the most populous city being Chennai. It is followed by Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and Tiruppur.
Agriculture and Industry: Tamil Nadu is providing employment to people through its Agriculture (especially rice cultivation). Also industries like spinning, automobiles (plants of BMW, Ford, Ashok Leyland etc.), cement, steel, IT and software, metallurgy etc. The state is also an education hub with around 449 polytechnic colleges and some renowned B. Tech. colleges.
Incremental HR requirement: An incremental human resource requirement of 13.55 million is estimated between 2012 and 2022 in the state.
State Skill Development Mission: Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation
Uttar Pradesh : The state is known as the politics hub of India, and it predominantly
GDP contribution: The state has its contribution of 8.24% to the National GDP.
Population: Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India with its population counting more than 199.58 million people. Major populous cities are Allahabad, Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Azamgarh and Lucknow.
Agriculture and Industry: Agriculture is the essence of the state’s economy. Apart from it, tourism, hotel industry, real estate, insurance also serve as a major employer. The state is known for producing 70% of India’s sugar. Uttar Pradesh also has a maximum number of small scale industrial units in India.
Incremental human resource requirement: Between 2012 and 2022 Uttar Pradesh will have a requirement of 11.01 skilled people to cater to its agriculture and industries.
State Skill Development Mission: Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission UPSDM
Andhra Pradesh : The state that was in news couple of years for its bifurcation to form a new state Telangana.
GDP contribution: Andhra Pradesh has a major contribution of 8.73% of India’s GDP.
Population: The state accommodates a population of 84.86 million people with its financial capital Vishakhapatnam being the most populous.
Agriculture and Industry: Around 60% of the population in the state is involved in agriculture and relative activities. Since rice is the major crop cultivated here it is also known as ‘Rice bowl of India’. Pharma, automotive, food and beverages, mining, power plants, IT ITES and biotechnology contribute to the industrial development.
Incremental human resource requirement: Between 2012 and 2022, Andhra Pradesh needs to cater to its incremental requirement of skilled people of 10.87.
State Skill Development Mission: Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation
Uttarakhand : The ‘ Dev Bhumi’ Uttarakhand was formed in the year 2000. The state is regionally divided into Kumaon and Garhwal.
GDP contribution: With a contribution of 1.17% to the National GDP, Uttarakhand stands at 20th position in terms of GDP contribution.
Population: The population of the state is more than 10.12 million people. The state capital Dehradun remains to be the most populous city in the state.
Agriculture and Industry: Uttarakhand is the second fastest growing state in India. The agriculture is widely known for its basmati rice, oil, fruits help in setting up a major food processing industry in the state. Industries like tourism, hydropower, automobile, pharmaceuticals constitute the industrial development in the state.
Incremental human resource requirement: The incremental human resource requirement during 2012 – 2022 is estimated 10.51 million.
State Skill Development Mission: Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission UKSDM
West Bengal : West Bengal is widely known for its literature, its unique mode of transport (The first state to have metro rail) and reformist heritage.
GDP contribution: A contribution of 6.75%, the state ranks fifth in national GDP contribution.
Population: The state is densely populated with more than 91.35 people. Kolkata, the state capital is the most populous city with its beautiful monuments built during British rule.
Agriculture and Industry: Like other states, agriculture is the major occupation. The state witnessed a major production of rice, jute, potato, sugarcane, wheat and tea (The state’s Darjeeling tea is known for its flavor). The industrial contribution in the economy comes from the manufacturing of steel, leather, textile, jewellery, electrical goods, automobiles, railway coaches and wagons.
Incremental human resource requirement: With an incremental human resources requirement of 9.34 million, the state ranks sixth.
State Skill Development Mission: Paschim Banga Society For Skill Development
Karnataka : Initially known as the state of Mysore, Karnataka is the seventh largest state by area.
GDP contribution: It is the sixth-largest contributor to India’s GDP with 5.87% contribution coming from its 30 districts.
Population: Karnataka is one of the most populated states with 61.13 million people.
Agriculture and Industry: Around 56% of the entire population is engaged in agriculture and other related activities. Karnataka is an IT hub and a biotechnology leader, has a large number of public sector undertakings including BHEL, HAL and oil refineries. Service sectors like tourism is also a major employment provider.
Incremental human resource requirement: The expected incremental human resource requirement will be 8.48 million during 2012 and 2022.
State Skill Development Mission: Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation (KVTSDC):
Madhya Pradesh : With largest reserves of copper and diamond, Madhya Pradesh is called ‘Heart of India’.
GDP contribution: Madhya Pradesh contribution in India’s GDP is 4.15%
Population: The state is fifth most populous in India with a people count of more than 72.60 million and second largest state in terms of area covered.
Agriculture and Industry: Madhya Pradesh is known to be having an agrarian economy with crops like wheat, soyabean, etc and some minor forest productions like tendu leaves etc. Having 5 SEZs, the state has major IT, agro – based andmineral based companies. It is a preferred tourist with its forests and monuments bei..

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